Tourist Places

शिवघाट मुंगेली

Sivaghat is situated on the ancient coconut of Lormi settled on the banks of the Maniyari river. Located in the…

खर्राघाट मुंगेली

Mungeli is the proven temple of Mahadev on the banks of Kharaghat Aagar river. Here in the year 1890, the…

सेतगंगा मुंगेली

South Kaushal Chhattisgarh holds a special place in relation to religion culture, tourism, music and history. There are many shrines…

Rajiv Gandhi reservoir (Khudia reservoir)

This reservoir has been constructed by adding three natural hills. Maniyari river flows through the middle of these three hills….

Satyanarayan Temple

In Chhattisgarh, there are temples of Gods of all the sects of Hinduism, but there is a temple in Mungali…

Achnakmarg Tiger Reserve (ATR)

Accompanying a panoramic, natural, panoramic beauty, the Sumerian Tiger Reserve is located in an area of 553.286 sq. Km of…

Madku Islands

Mudku Island The natural beauty in the form of island is very ancient delightful place, as it is divided into…

Motimpur (Amar Island)

The importance of village Motimpur of the district of Mungeli in Chhattisgarh state is on continuous progress in the form…

Hathnikala Temple

Hathnikala Devi site is on continuous progress in the form of tourism, religious belief and reverence centers. The tree plant…