Sivaghat is situated on the ancient coconut of Lormi settled on the banks of the Maniyari river. Located in the north direction of Lord Buddha’s ancient temple and the Mahamaya temple at the oldest place of Shiva, Shivghat is a big center of faith for thousands of people here. The oldest statue of Shivalinga is about 300 years old in this sacred shrine of Shiva. Due to the presence of self-styled Shiv Ling, near the banks of the river Maniyari, from the place of Sihal, located in Larkami’s Sarkhamit Sanctuary located in the Malkal mountain range, this ghat, in the name of Lord Shiva by the name of Bholenath became famous. A seven-day fair is organized here on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. In this, people reach the door and enjoy a lot of fairness. This district headquarter is located 23 km north of Mungeli, in the North-West Development Headquarters Lormi.

  • Shiveghat
  • Shiv ghat

How to Reach:

By Train

Located at a distance of 80 kilometers from Bilaspur railway station, Lormi is connected to the road till the development block.

By Road

This is located 23 km from district headquarter Mungeli, in the North-West Blocks Lormi