Satyanarayan Temple

In Chhattisgarh, there are temples of Gods of all the sects of Hinduism, but there is a temple in Mungali which is unique in itself. According to the experts, this is the second temple of Satya Narayan God in the entire country. This temple situated in Malhapara of Mungeli city is similar to ordinary temples, but the statue set in this temple is different from other temples in many ways. According to the scholars, worshiping Lord Satyanarayan’s worship is fulfilling the desire. Although no one knows the exact time of construction of the temple, but according to locals estimates it is 200 years old temple. It is said that the temple of Lord Satyanarayan is in Pushkar of Rajasthan except for Mungeli. Lord Satyanarayan Temple is located in Malhapara (Rajendra Ward), which is called the heart of the district headquarters Mungeli.

  • Satnarayan Temple
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How to Reach:

By Train

Located 56 kilometers from Bilaspur railway station, it is connected to the road from Mungeli block.

By Road

This district headquarter is located near Malhapara in Mungeli