South Kaushal Chhattisgarh holds a special place in relation to religion culture, tourism, music and history. There are many shrines of historical, religious, cultural importance here. One of which is Seetanganga. Its ancient name, literally, is – whiteganga, meaning white ganga. Many centuries ago, there was a dome of a dome, whose water was as cold, clean and pure as the Ganges. It is ascetic, the sadhus called the Whiteganga in the name of the mother Ganga. According to Jan Shruti, the dream of Faniyangwanshi King came in that I am flowing through Vishnupadabaji’s consolidation, Triptagamini Ganga manifested in the western boundary of your state. Establish my pool and temple there. In the 10th and 11th centuries, the king constructed the Shriram Janaki Temple and the Shvetaganga Kund there. Gram Setanganga has the distinction of being a religious, cultural and historic village. Every year the Jubilee celebration is celebrated in the temple of Guruchasidasji.


  • Setganga
  • Setganga Place

How to Reach:

By Train

Located at a distance of 70 kilometers from Bilaspur railway station, it is connected to the road from Mungeli block.

By Road

This district headquarter is located 16 km west of Mungeli, near the west direction Tesua Nala.